Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up a website?

We usually take 3-5 working days to complete most of our websites for clients.

How do I pay for the website?

In most cases, we require a 50% deposit for work to commence. 

Alternatively, we might be able to arrange a 6-month payment plan if you'd like to settle your bill in installments.

Do I have to pay any monthly fees?

There are no monthly fees associated with this service, however, you will be required to renew your domain every 12 months for a small fee (typically not more than $20).

Can I use my website to sell products online?

Absolutely! All our websites come with e-commerce functionality that can be activated upon request. Simply ask your account manager to help you set this up.

Will you help me manage the website?

After your site is built, you can choose to manage it yourself or let us manage it for you. We charge a fixed monthly fee/retainer for managing digital assets like your website, social media etc.