Sneaker Bank - SA's Premier Sole Provider

Sneaker Bank - Built by Kloutr


Sneaker Bank is an online marketplace that allows you to purchase premium sneakers & pay for them on your terms. Shop popular brands like Nike, Adidas & much more. If you can't find what you need online, we'll source it for you.


Our brief was particularly extensive as we were tasked to handle all marketing-related tasks associated with the brand. Based on the objectives of this project, we were tasked with:

- Re-branding the company and set up their social media assets

- Building and managing their online store on a retainer basis

- Producing and publishing content on their Youtube channel

- Creating a referral-based marketing system within the platform

- Marketing and deploying digital membership cards for premium users

- Converting the store into a progressive web app for premium users


To address these challenges, we did the following:

- Built a user-friendly web application with robust functionality to support large inventories and high transaction volumes.

- Designed a simple text-based logo with a red and black color scheme for the brand's image.

- Set up an affiliate marketing portal to support and manage referrals.

- Created a separate web application with additional features for premium users

- Designed a customized video player that can be monetized within the website

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